How to Prep Your Home for a Siding Replacement

Preparing for a siding replacement

Are you looking to replace the siding on your home? Whether you’ve already started the siding replacement process or you’re in the beginning stage of deciding whether you want to replace your siding, we want to alleviate your fear that a siding replacement will be stressful.

It doesn’t have to be!

Many homeowners postpone this essential step because they worry about the time it may take or the disarray it can cause. But as a siding contractor, we’re here to tell you that with the right preparation, you can have a siding installation that feels stress-free and runs smoothly. Here’s how.

Move/cover your outdoor furniture and decor.

Siding installations tend to be cumbersome and dusty, not to mention your contractor’s team will need easy access to your home’s exterior. Move all outdoor furniture, potted plants, and appliances away from your siding. Items like benches, chairs, grills, and more will all need to find a new, temporary home during the installation to avoid any damage. Consider covering items far enough from your siding that they may not warrant moving.

Create a clear pathway.

Your construction crew will need easy access to the siding being replaced, whether that be the whole house or only a portion. Make sure they have a clear pathway to where they need to be. This will speed up the installation and ensure they do not break or damage any unwanted items in the process of carrying and cutting materials.

Move your car or park inside.

If your home has a garage, simple. Park your car inside while your contractor’s crew completes the installation. But if your home does not have a garage or you are unable to park in it, temporarily move your car away from the construction site. This not only protects your car, but it also frees up driveway space for your siding crew and any materials they might need (like a dumpster to remove old siding).

Prepare your yard.

Trim trees and shrubs in close proximity to your siding. Your installation crew will require adequate space to remove and install the boards. You can help prevent damage to your landscaping with proper maintenance. Consider covering other plants that are close to the house, like flower bushes or vegetable gardens, to keep them from damage caused by the work’s airborne particles. (Only cover them on the actual install day so as not to kill them due to lack of sunlight.)

Prepare your interior.

Decor and furniture should be removed from the walls adjacent to the construction site. Demo, installation, nailing, and the all-around commotion can jostle your home, resulting in broken furnishings.

Communicate with your contractor

If you have any questions about your installation or what you might be missing for the start date, contact your contractor. Effective communication will be key to a smooth process and achieving beautiful and protective siding.

Siding Installations Made Easy

Having your siding replaced does not have to be stressful or overly time-consuming. With the right contractor spearheading the process and the proper preparation on your part as a homeowner, you can get a smooth installation with as little discomfort to your life as possible.

Our Smart Exteriors team is always vigilant, providing both a seamless installation any time of year but also keeping our eyes open for potential problems. We treat your home like our own and make sure to clean up after we are done.

So if you’re ready for beautiful new siding, contact Smart Exteriors today for your siding installation.