The Top 9 Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

Top 9 Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

When you finally take the time and money to redo your outdated, deteriorating, or inefficient siding, the last thing you want is for your siding to fail or not live up to your expectations. Getting a supreme installation is the responsibility of your contractor. So it’s important to hire the right one.

Vetting contractors is one of the best ways to make sure you hire a company that fits your specific needs. But what should you be looking for? As a professional siding contractor, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important questions to ask when vetting your options.

1. How long have you been installing siding?

More important than the years a company has been in business is the actual years it has been installing siding. Exterior contractors often offer multiple services from roofing to siding to window installations. So, don’t just base your choice on years in business alone. Ensure a contractor is proficient in siding installations.

2. Are you licensed?

Ask each company for its licensing information. For a contractor to become licensed, it must meet all of the state’s licensing requirements, so you know you are getting a skilled laborer. And more importantly, you know you are working with a team that understands and abides by the permitting and codes of your area.

3. Are you insured, and what coverage do you have?

Insurance is essential when any contractor works on your home. Your contractor should carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. The former covers damage that could occur to your home, and the latter covers accidents that might include personnel.

Without a contractor that is properly insured, you could become liable for accidents in or around your home.

4. What awards and certifications do you have?

Contractors that go through the process of becoming certified with specific siding companies truly have an understanding of the product and the proper installation techniques. If you see awards and certifications backing a company, they are more than likely a company that will get the job done right.

5. What products do you carry?

Different contractors will carry and specialize in different siding materials. If you know the type of siding you want on your home, make sure a contractor carries it and specializes in its installation. If you don’t, knowing what materials you can expect will help you organize your project.

6. What kinds of warranties or guarantees do you have on your workmanship?

Does a contractor back up its work with a warranty or guarantee of any type? Companies that do so believe in their work. This provides peace of mind that you won’t be stuck dealing with shoddy work after they are gone.

While most clients don’t need to use it, we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty* on every project we complete.

7. Can you send me some referrals?

Contractors who do great work will have the clients to prove it. And they will be happy to give you those referrals. Sometimes this is standard practice in a company’s sales pitch. But if you aren’t presented with referrals, ask for them.

8. How do you handle repairs or complaints?

Of course, the ultimate goal is to hire a contractor that gets the job done right the first time. However, things happen. So at times, even the best contractor may need to repair work. Figure out how a contractor will address any issues that may arise before you hire them. Ensure that you are satisfied with their method and that it is written in their contract.

9. Do you use subcontractors?

Did you know that some companies don’t actually do all of the work themselves? That’s right. Some construction companies employ the services of subcontractors to get their work done. Check with your contractor to ensure you know exactly who is working on your home. If a subcontractor will be used, ask about its licensing and insurance, and see if you can get references of their work.

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*ask for more details on our workmanship warranty