Signs That You Need Home Siding Replacement in Kansas City

Home Siding Replacement

When was the last time you really inspected your home’s siding or hired a local contractor for home siding inspection or replacement in Kansas City?

For many people, the answer is many years ago; others barely give this part of the house a second glance. Although often overlooked, your house’s siding plays a number of key roles in ensuring that the structure remains intact. For instance, it is the siding that keeps out the elements as well as intruders. It also helps to insulate your home. Even more importantly, the siding plays a major role in determining the aesthetic value of your home. So, how can you tell that you have a damaged siding that needs replacement?

Top 7 Sign You Need Home Siding Replacement in Kansas City

1. Cracking or Rot

If you see cracks on your siding, it is time to seriously consider getting it replaced. Cracks, even the smallest ones, often point to problems beneath the surface of the siding. Additionally, warping and rot on your siding are red flags that you should pay attention to. Try to poke at the area where the rot is- if the siding doesn’t hold, make quick plans to have it replaced.

2. Blisters and Bubbles on Siding

Another sign that points to a problematic siding is the presence of blisters and bubbles on it. Usually, bubbles mean that there is moisture trapped in the siding, and this will often lead to rotting and other unpleasant effects. It also shows that your siding is doing a poor job of keeping moisture out, which is why it needs to be replaced fast. You may also want to ensure that you don’t have other water problems within your home.

3. Fungus or Mold

Fungus, mold and mildew usually thrive in a moist environment, so their presence on your siding shows that there is moisture present. Like with bubbles, the presence of mold or fungus on your siding also shows that it is unable to keep out the moisture, and ought to be replaced. Getting rid of the mold or mildew alone won’t work because within no time, it will grow right back. Keep in mind that mold is known to cause serious health problems, so make every effort to get rid of it permanently.

4. Severe Fading

A faded siding can be an eyesore. What’s worse, fading also means that the siding is doing a poor job of weather-proofing your house. This can be a huge problem in Kansas where the elements are not too kind. Although the siding will not yet be useless, you should make plans to get it replaced in the near future.

5. Higher Energy Bills

Closely connected to the point of severe fading is that of higher energy bills. A faded siding doesn’t help much with energy conservation in your home. It does a poor job of keeping out the cold, which in turn means that you use up a lot more energy to air-condition the house. If you live in Kansas, where weather conditions can be terribly harsh, you may find yourself relying on air conditioning very heavily.If you see your energy bills going higher by the day and there is simply no other explanation for the change, then the problem could be your siding which will need urgent replacement.

6. Frequent Peeling of Paint

Another indicator of a worn out siding is the need to repaint it every so often. Generally, sidings need repainting once every 8-10 years. If you find yourself repainting it a lot more often, say once every 3-6 years, it shows that the real problem is with the siding itself. When this happens, it is a good time to replace the siding.

7. Peeling Paint Inside Your Home

Sometimes, the problem with your siding can be so severe that it starts to affect the inside of your house. This is especially true when your siding is unable to keep out moisture. You may find that the moisture finds its way into the interior of the house and causes the paint within to start peeling. This is yet another sign that you should replace your siding.

It is important to keep inspecting your siding for any signs of problems. It is far better to replace your siding than have to deal with structural issues with your house. If your siding is exhibiting any of the signs discussed above, then it is definitely time to get it replaced. Home siding replacement with James Hardie siding or another top-quality siding material may be a costly investment now, but it will save you a lot of agony in the future. Don’t hesitate to get yours now- you will not regret it.