James Hardie’s Role in Exterior Home Design Trends

Trendy modern James Hardie siding installed on a home.

When a siding has graced over eight million homes across the country and counting—that’s a sure sign people are loving how it looks and performs. James Hardie has the distinct honor of being a favorite of homeowners both because of their siding’s performance and also its influence on memorable design trends in home renovations over the years.

If you’ve been wondering what makes Hardie siding so appealing and valuable—wonder no more! Here’s how James Hardie leads the way in renovation style that you’ll love for your home.

Today’s Home Designs that Make James Hardie Shine

Versatile Textures and Styles

It used to be that if you wanted to achieve the appearance of wood or stucco, you had to choose those specific materials. Unfortunately, you also had to accept the issues and upkeep they require—including rot, moisture damage, a dated appearance, and costly repairs. 

Hardie fiber cement siding effectively eliminates that problem! Whether you want the charm of wood grain, the texture of stucco, or the smoothness of vinyl, Hardie siding can mimic the look you crave. Plus, you get that style in an incredibly strong, long-lasting material that is low-maintenance and warrantied to last for at least 30 years—and often lasts up to 50 years.

Impressive Performance Against Any Kind of Weather

Homeowners today respect the power of mother nature—with over three-fourths of them keeping weather resistance in mind when choosing renovation materials. Since extreme weather events are on the rise, it’s more important than ever for siding to stand up against strong storms, flooding, wind and fire. 

James Hardie’s unique fiber cement formula withstands hail strikes, flying debris, high winds, flames, and more—making it a top choice for protective (and attractive!) home upgrades. This durability not only keeps your property and family safer, but it also lessens the need for repairs after storms.

Endless Customizability in Colors, Shapes, and Styles

Customizing your home’s exterior to express your personal taste is definitely on trend, and Hardie siding makes that a breeze! Gone are the days when your home’s architectural style limited you to a specific look, color, or siding material. With James Hardie, the sky is the limit. 

If you’re among the three out of four homeowners today who’s willing to use bold colors on your exterior, you’re in the right place with James Hardie. With over 700+ color options available with its strikingly durable ColorPlus factory finish, you’ll get hues that stay bright, don’t fade, and resist chipping for up to 15 years.

Hardie siding also comes in numerous shapes and sizes—from horizontal lap boards, to vertical farmhouse board-and-batten, to cottage shingles and even large panels for modern designs. These products are cut to fit your home, so they’ll work on any type of architecture. And they can all be mixed and matched to create unique design patterns.

Environmentally Friendly Choices that Feel Good to Make

Homeowners today, especially younger generations, are aware of their impact on the environment and seek materials that are eco-friendly. Hardie siding is one of the greenest home renovation products available. Between James Hardie’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and fiber cement’s impressive durability, this siding stays on homes longer, ends up in landfills less often, and gives you confidence you’ve made an eco-friendly choice.

Bringing the Outdoors In

With many people willing to remodel their existing home, bringing the outdoors inside remains a hot trend. Homeowners want to create a lifestyle within their four walls that delights and soothes them. What’s cool is that it’s never been simpler to pull your exterior style inside. Since Hardie siding can mimic so many looks, it can easily deliver the appearance of wood and stucco indoors. Designers are using Hardie siding to create farmhouse style kitchens, stylish contemporary entryways, paneled backsplashes and more.

Achieve Low-Maintenance, Lasting Style with Hardie Siding for Your Kansas City Area Home

When you’re ready for an exterior home transformation that makes guests and neighbors take notice of how great your house looks—it’s time to make the move to James Hardie siding. You won’t regret the beauty and durability this siding delivers, especially when installed by our expert team. 

Smart Exteriors is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, which means we’re trained, insured, and vetted by James Hardie to deliver top-notch installations every time. Learn more about our Hardie siding services—and reach out for a free consultation for your Kansas City area home.