New Windows Vs. Storm Windows

New windows installed on a Overland Park home by Smart Exteriors.
New windows installed on a Overland Park home by Smart Exteriors.

Are you looking to protect your home against Kansas City’s weather? Window upgrades are an excellent way to do this—and that means deciding whether to replace your windows or install storm windows.

While choosing the right windows is a unique and individual situation, there are several reasons that it’s ultimately a better solution to replace them rather than to use storm windows. Here’s how both options compare.

Makeup and Function of Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows


What is a storm window?

This is an attachment that is installed outside existing windows. Storm windows aren’t meant to replace existing windows, but rather to supplement them with an additional layer of protection. They can add insulation and reduce noise intrusion, while also providing an added safeguard against high winds and stormy weather.

What is a replacement window?

Replacement windows are inserted in place of current ones. They are an ideal choice when your existing windows are at the end of their lifespan, as well as when they are not performing properly due to damage. 

How Replacement Windows Compare to Storm Windows

Consider all these factors as you make the choice that suits your home and your goals.

Long-term performance

At some point, every home needs new windows—so when you’re thinking about storm windows vs. replacements, it’s important to consider age. If your existing windows are past their prime, investing in replacements is the best option. The upfront cost will be balanced by the lasting performance and value you get over your new windows’ lifespan.

Storm windows offer a lower initial cost of installation. But they also need to be replaced every few years—which means their total cost over time isn’t necessarily cost-efficient. New windows add value for many years, creating a great return on your investment. 

Winner: new windows

Style and design options

Storm windows offer some customizability that can help boost your home’s appearance. They come in different colors, and though they’re usually installed on the exterior, you can choose a style that fits on your windows’ interior if you’re trying to preserve their exterior style.

Replacement windows also are customizable. Between the different styles, brands, and features, new windows are a fantastic choice when you want to give your house a visual makeover. You can opt for styles that mesh well with historic home requirements, or go modern, or traditional—the options are nearly endless.

Winner: new windows

Easy upkeep

When it comes to windows, less maintenance is a bonus, right? New windows have the advantage of the latest technology. They’re simple to care for, and most of them need very little maintenance for their lifespan. With features like tilt-in panes, they’re a breeze to clean. 

By comparison, storm windows must be removed for cleaning, and then screwed back into place afterward—which is inconvenient and time-consuming. You’ll also have to keep cleaning and lubricating their tracks and treating them to prevent pitting and oxidation.

Winner: New windows

Energy efficiency

Both storm windows and replacements can add to your house’s insulation and thus its efficiency. Think about it—that added layer you get from a storm window or from new double- and triple-paned windows keeps your treated air inside your home and stops drafts.

New windows do have an advantage, however, in the form of glass options that block UV light and keep your home an even temperature. Choose specialty glass and triple-paned windows filled with insulating gas, and you’ll enjoy greater energy savings and indoor comfort.

Winner: new windows

Additional Questions to Weigh Before Updating Windows

To complete your assessment, consider these questions too:

  • Will you be selling your home soon? Homebuyers find new windows an attractive plus.
  • Do you have more than one window in need of an upgrade? New windows create a seamless look that beautifies your exterior.
  • Is your only goal noise reduction? If so, both options can do the job—though new windows offer so many benefits that make them a more well-rounded option.

Enjoy Excellent Weather Resistance, Natural Light and More with New Windows from Smart Exteriors

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