2024 Window Trends for Your Home

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Windows are an essential part of your home—bringing in soothing natural lighting and fresh air, as well as offering gorgeous views of the outdoors. They also keep your home secure and efficient—making replacements a valuable upgrade, especially when you choose features and styles that are “in” right now. If you’re investing in replacements for the new year, be sure to consider the latest trends and styles to get the most for your investment in your new windows

Here’s what we’re seeing as the top trends in windows for 2024.

Choose Features that Make Your Home More Comfortable

Reduce Noise Intrusion

Tired of outside sounds from traffic, airplanes, and other annoyances penetrating your home and disrupting your peace and quiet? Crafting a relaxing oasis in your home is a continuing trend—especially with so many people working from home these days. To give yourself a calming place to work and recharge, choose a window with noise-resistant glass. Today’s “impact windows” absorb irritating sounds and create a quieter atmosphere indoors, so you can enjoy a truly relaxing home lifestyle. Plus, the laminated glass of these windows blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping your home stay cooler and lowering your energy use (which is also “in”).

Welcome in Fresh Breezes

Fresh air is invigorating, and many homeowners enjoy windows that allow breezes to be maximized. This is another trendy way to lower your carbon footprint, as you won’t have to run your air-conditioning unit as often. Consider rooms where greater ventilation would be advantageous, and install window types that are designed to bring in more air. For example, awning windows open upward, blocking rain while welcoming airflow, and they can be installed in hard-to-reach places like above the kitchen sink for easy use anytime.

Boost Opportunities for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Add Sliding Doors and Windows SystemsSliding doors and windows by Smart Exteriors.

Indoor-outdoor living is a definite trend in home layouts. It pays to design your floor plan so that it’s easy to move inside and outside when you’re having guests over. There are many types of sliding doors to choose from—allowing for greater indoor lighting and convenient access to your backyard too. You can even invest in an energy-efficient wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that can be slid open in a variety of ways. Between today’s smart technologies and the latest in features (like built-in blinds for easy maintenance), the possibilities for sliding doors and window systems are nearly endless. They add elegance as well as livability to your home.

Install Counter Windows for Easy EntertainingSlider window installation in kitchen by Smart Exteriors.

Outdoor entertaining is bigger than ever. And since this activity often involves cooking and prepping in your kitchen first, why not make this process simpler by installing counter windows? New slider windows open side-to-side and feature broad glass panes, so that it’s a breeze to slide them open and pass dishes and other supplies through to your deck. They also allow refreshing airflow to keep your kitchen comfortable as you serve your friends and family.

Go with Timeless Designs and Colors

Neutral Colors Are In

This year sees a return to an appreciation for neutral shades in window frames and trim. Homeowners are opting for variations of white—specifically, off-white and cream hues that look clean and warm, yet are not quite as stark as bright white. These shades of soft white add a touch of class, can blend with just about any siding look, and feel fresh and modern. Plus, lighter colors are better at resisting fading, and they help reflect heat, keeping your home cooler and saving you on maintenance costs.

Stay Classic if You Choose Something Other Than White

If off-white isn’t for you, consider another popular neutral such as light gray or beige, which can match many siding styles. For a pop of color, a calming medium blue on wood window trim is trending now. Those who prefer a dark color are still gravitating toward black or dark wood colors—especially on Farmhouse-style houses. 

Enjoy New Windows for Your Kansas City Area Home

Why not kick off the new year with beautiful replacement windows that hit all the latest trends and also give you gorgeous outdoor views and natural lighting? Our expert window team at Smart Exteriors will listen to your vision and walk you through your choices to find the best fit in terms of energy-efficiency, noise reduction, and security—as well as appearance.

Check out our windows services to get started on your home transformation!