What’s the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Homes?

What’s the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Homes?
Upgrading your siding? You might be surprised to know contemporary and modern styles are not identical! Each of these two home types have unique elements that you will want to keep in mind as you choose your new siding design and colors. Here are the key elements of each of these two appealing home architectures, so you can plan your home siding replacement wisely.

What Is Contemporary Home Architecture?

The Contemporary style of architecture is a design look that’s emerging right now in home construction. It’s a “mode of the moment” and is highly influenced by what’s currently popular in today’s culture.

Common Features of Contemporary Style Homes

While it’s not easy to pinpoint Contemporary style—if anything, it’s incredibly flexible as it is continuing to evolve right now—there are a few elements you can expect to see on Contemporary homes. First of all, Contemporary home designs are very much influenced by the area where they are built—sporting a regional flavor. So, one of these cutting-edge homes in the desert of Santa Fe will likely look different than one constructed in the beachy spaces of California, or the grassy plains of the Midwest. Contemporary architecture is also recognized for its use of asymmetrical design elements—including rooflines, as well as differing sizes and positioning of windows and other exterior features. Plus, you’ll see a mixed use of materials and also a blend of geometric designs such as both straight lines and arches, rather than one or the other.

How to Choose Siding to Complement Your Contemporary Home

To help your Contemporary home enjoy great curb appeal, opt for siding that allows you to:
  • Get creative—Your Contemporary home’s exterior likely has unique features that the right choice in siding can help you draw attention to.
  • Honor the mixed materials—Select siding styles and colors that blend well with the varying materials on your exterior.
  • Focus on light neutrals—These homes typically use a gentle color palette, so it’s a good idea to stick to white, gray or beige color schemes.
  • Emphasize the windows—To balance out the asymmetrical elements of this architecture, consider using a wide or striking window trim.

What Is Modern Home Architecture?

Modern-style homes feature an architectural look that was popular in the early to mid-1900s. It became highly popular in the U.S. in the 1950s and is common for homes that were built in the 1950s-60s.

Common Features of Modern-Style Homes

You’ll recognize a home that fits the Modern style by its minimalist elements. Less is more in a Modern home design. In practice, that means the home likely has many simple, utilitarian materials—like steel, glass, concrete, and wood. Mixed materials are common in a Modern house, inside and out. Modern homes are usually proportioned well geometrically, with clean lines and little to no exterior decorations. (Think the opposite of complex Victorian in style!) Their roofs may feature strong angles or be low-pitched. And they usually have large windows.

How to Choose Siding to Complement Your Modern Home

Give your Modern era home eye-catching style by choosing siding that allows you to:
  • Get bold—Don’t be afraid to create dramatic visual appeal. One way to do this is with large siding panels or a strong board-and-batten look.
  • Use contrasts—Blending vertical siding on the ground floor with horizontal siding on the second story, or vice versa, can add a distinctive texture to the clean lines of these homes.
  • Choose strong colors—The clean, balanced look of Modern architecture can be enlivened with creative color palettes. Bright, deep colors can offer a striking style.
  • Consider a traditional look too—There is nothing wrong with sticking with what makes Modern homes so classic! A neat, well installed traditional lap siding (horizontal boards) will provide lasting, soothing appeal.

Refresh Your Home’s Look with Gorgeous Siding

New siding is a perfect way to give your home an attractive makeover, while also ensuring you get the protection and easy maintenance you crave. At Smart Exteriors, we offer several types of siding—including James Hardie fiber cement, LP SmartSide, vinyl, Celect, stone veneer, and stucco. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right fit for your goals and budget. And the best place to start is with a consultation. Contact Smart Exteriors to learn more about new siding for your Kansas City area home.