6 Signs Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Is Damaged

Damaged and curled Asphalt Shingle Roof

You already know your roof plays an important role in protecting your home. However, many homeowners don’t think much about their roofs until something goes wrong. The last thing you want to do is ignore your roof until you’re staring into the face of a costly roof replacement. Here we help you take a more proactive approach with a list of six common signs your asphalt shingles are damaged.

1. Your Roof’s Age

We’ll start here because this isn’t a visual sign. How old is your roof? Is it original to your house? If so, how old is your house? A good, well-installed asphalt shingle roof should last upwards of 30 years as long as your roof are well maintained, and it isn’t exposed to overly harsh weather. Generally speaking, if your roof is upwards of 20 years old you should have it inspected to check its integrity.

2. Water Damage in the Attic

Your attic paints a pretty good picture of your roof’s condition. Look for water stains on the roof, feel the walls and roof for dampness and even give the attic a good sniff to see if you smell mold or mustiness. Even the slightest hint of water is a sign your asphalt shingle roof needs repairs, or possibly replacement. Other things to look for include loose or damaged insulation, the sound of dripping, or dark marks on the wood.

3. Visible Asphalt Shingle Damage

Take a walk around the perimeter of your house and look for signs of damage such as:

If you are friends with your neighbors, ask if you can take a look from their second-floor window overlooking your home to get a closer look from as many angles as possible. Any signs of damage should be inspected by a roofing expert right away.

4. Damaged Vent and Chimney Seals

Your roof consists not just of the shingles but other components that work together to prevent water penetration. An important part of a sound roof is the seals used around vents, chimneys, skylights, dormers, flashing, etc. When caulking starts to age, it becomes less flexible and more brittle leading to cracks and separation. If you spot damaged seams a professional roofer can assess the damage. They will determine if the caulking can simply be repaired, or if the roof leaks have caused damage to the wood below. Doing this often will ensure serious water damage can’t set in.

5. Gutter Problems During a Storm

This isn’t fun but can be helpful to make sure your gutters aren’t causing damage to your roof. Grab a raincoat or umbrella and watch for signs your gutters are leaking. Walk the perimeter of your house and if there is overflow, leaks or clear signs of rust, call in a roofer to inspect possible damage.

6. A Sagging Asphalt Shingle Roof

A damaged asphalt shingle roof with rotting wood will appear to sag when you look at the house from a ways back. Drooping and sagging are serious as it means not only is your roof damaged but also the supporting structures. If you have wood soffits and fascia just below the roof this will likely appear wet, soggy and soft as it’s probably rotting.

All these signs require a call to your local Kansas City roofing company to avoid costly damage to the interior of your home. We have the honor of being named one of the top roofers in the Kansas City Area by Expertise, with an A+ BBB rating. Call our professional team at Smart Exteriors to learn more about our roofing services today.