Don’t Hire a Roofing Contractor Without Asking These 10 Questions

10 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Roofer

Getting ready for a new roof? Before you invest in this significant home renovation process, you want to make sure you have the right team that will do the job well. Doing that is as straightforward as doing your research and ensuring you get answers to key questions.

Start with These Questions to Vet Your Roofer

Top-notch roofing companies like Kansas City’s Smart Exteriors are happy to answer your questions, because they know it’ll ensure a good working relationship. So, don’t hesitate to ask:

1. What is your legal business name and address?

This information helps you authenticate that the business is legitimate and local. Use it to research their reviews and ratings with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. And it should be easy for a company to provide this. (If the roofer can’t or won’t provide this info, it’s a red flag.)

2. Can you provide me with proof of insurance?

Any contractors who work on your home should carry both liability insurance and workers’ compensation—which protects you should any damage or injuries occur while work is being done on your property. Make sure their insurance is up-to-date and consistent with the level of insurance that your state requires contractors to maintain.

3. What kind of licensing do you have?

Fly-by-night companies may not be licensed to work on roofs, or may not be licensed in your state or city. But trusted local roofers maintain proper, up-to-date licensing which shows they can work on your home in accordance with your area’s requirements.

4. Do you offer warranties? What do they cover?

Roofing manufacturers typically offer warranties for their products for a limited amount of time. Your roofing installer may also offer a warranty on their workmanship—good companies, like ours, sure do! Find out what’s guaranteed, under what conditions, and for how long.

5. Who will be on my property to do the work?

Some companies subcontract their work, but it’s usually better to use a company that does your roof themselves—as this ensures they have a strong stake in making sure you’re satisfied. Also, you’ll want to find out how many people are on your roofing team and who will oversee the project.

6. What’s included in the cost, and can you provide that in writing?

What you want is a detailed, written estimate that lists the specific materials that will be used, labor costs, any additional fees, as well as an estimated timeline for the start and finish of the job.

7. Will you be inspecting my roof and my attic before giving me an estimate?

To make a plan that fits your unique home needs, your roofing installation team should meet with you in person, check your roof, and come inside your home to look for evidence of damage and leaks. These issues should be repaired before (or during) your roof installation.

8. How will the new roof be installed?

You may be wondering if it’s possible to simply nail new roof shingles over old ones. But honestly, that’s not a good idea. Experienced roofers will remove the old roofing, replace the underlayment, and then install the new roof to ensure your home is watertight.

9. How do you ensure the project is done on time?

While no roofer can guarantee the weather (which may make it necessary to delay the work), there are many factors that can be controlled. Find out what their strategies are, what contingency plans they have, etc.

10. How will you care for my property during the project?

An experienced roofing team knows what it takes to ensure your property is safeguarded. Find out if they provide a preparation checklist you can use prior to their arrival. Ask if they will move outdoor furnishings, satellite TV equipment, etc., or if you are expected to. They should also discuss clean-up with you—ideally, they’ll gather all the old roofing and discard it, as well as doing a check to be sure there are no nails or debris left behind in your yard.

Love Your New Roof from the Trusted Team at Smart Exteriors

Your Kansas City area home deserves a new roof that looks beautiful and gives you confidence. Our roof installation team is not just experienced in top-notch roofing installations built to last—we also are happy to answer any questions you have so that you will have peace of mind in your home upgrades from start to finish.

Reach out to us to request a consultation for your roofing needs—and remember, we love questions. Feel free to ask away!