How Long Does Fiber Cement Last?

Fiber Cement Siding last a long time.
When it comes to lasting home upgrades, fiber cement siding replacement is a top contender. This material is durable, attractive, and built to endure—especially when you choose the number one fiber cement siding brand in America, James Hardie. Homeowners appreciate the durable performance this premium siding brings. Just how long can you expect your fiber cement siding to withstand the tests of time? Let’s take a closer look that will have you convinced Hardie siding’s longevity is worth the investment.

A Recipe for Long-Lasting Performance You Can Count On

James Hardie has worked hard to provide a lasting siding that homeowners can be confident will stand the tests of time. Here’s what that means in practical terms:

Decades of Endurance—Guaranteed

Hardie siding is warrantied to last 30 years when installed by a professional team (like ours!). But that’s only part of the picture. The fact is, fiber cement siding can last much longer. Various independent tests have shown that Hardie siding is capable of lasting 50 to 60 years, and even up to 100 years. The key to this stellar longevity is found in a few factors unique to this superior siding product.

Damage-Resistant Makeup

Made of a proprietary mixture of Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibers and water, fiber cement is a sturdy siding that performs beautifully against wear and tear. You can expect it to outdo wood, vinyl, and composite siding against issues like these:
  • Pests — Since fiber cement is indigestible, insects, rodents, and woodpeckers leave it alone, so it outlasts wood.
  • Moisture — Wood is obviously vulnerable to rot, which wears it down much faster than fiber cement. But vinyl is also vulnerable because it tends to crack easily, allowing moisture to sneak underneath. Fiber cement stands up to rain and snow runoff better, making it more durable.
  • Weather — Hardie siding has been engineered specifically to handle the different demands of regional weather patterns. For Kansas City, there is Hardie’s HZ5® product line which endures against our area’s wet, cold weather. It isn’t easily dented by hail, and it doesn’t easily fade when exposed to the sun’s UV rays.
With less storm, pest, and moisture damage to address, your fiber cement siding will last longer than other options. 

Enduring Low Maintenance

As you can see, the various elements that tend to quickly wear down other materials simply don’t have the same power against fiber cement. That means you won’t have to make repairs or replacements as often as you do with vinyl and wood siding.  Plus, James Hardie offers optional (but well worth it!) color infusion within the factory before your siding boards and trim are shipped. This unique ColorPlus® Technology adds the hue of your choice directly into the fiber cement design—so that it looks vibrant for longer. ColorPlus boards are warrantied for 15 years, meaning even your color lasts longer than the competition.

Proper Installation Is Key to Hardie Siding’s Lasting Nature

Of course, to get the greatest lifespan from your fiber cement siding, it’s vital to choose the right crew to install it. Well-trained experts (like us) know all the ins and outs of applying Hardie siding so that it provides the highest performance over the longest time. This includes not compromising on the little details, such as proper nail application, choosing the best caulking, using the right tools, and knowing how to cut and lift the siding boards snugly in place so they protect your home for years to come.

Enjoy the Impressive Lifespan of Hardie Siding on Your Kansas City Home

Why not give yourself the gift of a home exterior that lasts for decades—without worry, and without constant upkeep? As a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, our team at Smart Exteriors has been vetted by the manufacturer itself to ensure we’re insured, licensed, experienced, and up-to-date on fiber cement siding installation—so you can be confident your house’s protective layer will perform as it should. Learn more about the benefits of having Hardie siding replacement for your home.