What Does My Leaking Roof Need? Repairs or Replacement?

What Does My Leaking Roof Need? Repairs or Replacement?
A leaking roof can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Moisture damages the interior structure of a home, so a leaking roof is no laughing matter. It’s important to take action, but one of the biggest questions we get about leaks is: Does my roof always have to be replaced if it is leaking? The answer is no, not always. The presence of a leak will not always justify a full roof replacement. Sometimes a repair job can sufficiently patch your roof and get it back where it needs to be.

So, When Is a Roof Repair Sufficient on a Leaking Roof?

Various factors determine if a roof will need to be replaced or if a repair can provide sufficient protection. To know for sure, you should consult with a trustworthy roofing contractor, who can properly assess the overall damage. However, here are some indicators to be aware of.

Leak Size

Small, isolated leaks are easier to repair. A single leak can typically be patched, but as leaks grow larger or appear in multiple places, you’ll need a full replacement to ensure adequate roof protection moving forward.

Roof Age

A newer roof is less likely to need a full replacement. It can still be necessary if the damage is extensive enough, but the less age a roof has means a greater chance of a repair being a sufficient fix.

Root Cause of the Leak

With so many components to a roofing system, a leak could arise from problems with flashing, cracked sealant around chimneys or skylights, or broken shingles. Individually, these items can be repaired. However, if the majority of the roofing system is the cause, you’ll unfortunately need a replacement.

Overall Roofing Damage

Your roof isn’t confined to the shingles, and if the actual structure of the roof has undergone severe moisture damage, you’ll need a full replacement to fix the problem.

So, What Does My Leaking Roof Need: Repair or Replacement?

Unfortunately, leaks can be deceiving. What may appear to be a small leak can harbor hidden damage. A professional roofing contractor can best assess the level of damage your roof has sustained.  While many homeowners may feel tempted to perform a DIY roof repair, working with a professional is safer, faster, and a better guarantee that the leak will be taken care of for good. Remember, home protection starts with your roof. Make sure it’s properly taken care of.

Determine Whether to Repair or Replace a Leaking Roof with a Professional Roofing Contractor

Even though a leak does not always point directly to a replacement, a fix should not be delayed as further issues could arise if it’s left untreated. Reach out to a trustworthy contractor, like our Smart Exteriors team, immediately to remediate the problem.  You should have peace of mind in your home. Our team is ready to come evaluate your roof and give an honest assessment of what you need. See how we can help you achieve that with our roofing services.