2024 Window Trends for Your Home

Windows are an essential part of your home—bringing in soothing natural lighting and fresh air, as well as offering gorgeous views of the outdoors. They also keep your home secure and efficient—making replacements a valuable upgrade, especially when you choose features and styles that are “in” right now. If you’re investing in replacements for the new year, be sure to consider the latest trends and styles to get the most for your investment in your…

Four Signs That Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

Knowing when it’s time to for your windows in your home to be replaced is never an easy thing. Between the expense and the interruption to your daily life, it’s tempting to simply get along with the same old windows long after their expected lifespan. However, there are a few signs you should look for that can help you make the decision to update your home’s windows. 1728

Five Stunning Styles for New Kitchen Windows

If you’re looking around your kitchen and wishing you could spruce things up a bit, installing new windows might be just the trick. Of course, not just any window will give your kitchen the pop that you’re looking for. 1721

Popular Window Styles in Modern Homes

Function often takes the driver’s seat when it comes to home improvement, especially when renovations are made on a tight budget. Form, however, is arguably just as important as function in all of the components of your home, and your window styles are certainly no exception. At Smart Exteriors, we love helping our customers evaluate their best options for window replacements. Because quality isn’t an issue—as we only use window products that are made with…