Why Homeowners are Choosing LP SmartSide Over Wood Siding

Home with LP SmartSide Siding for Exterior

Siding both protects and beautifies your home. So, when it comes time to replace your siding, you want to be sure you select a material that does both. If you are partial to wood but are worried about its longevity, there is another option. LP SmartSide®. Here we compare wood vs LP SmartSide siding to help you decide if it is right for you.

What is LP SmartSide Siding Made Of?

LP SmartSide siding is an engineered wood product produced with a mix of treated wood strands or fibers and adhesive resins. The combination creates a composite material with the look and feel of natural wood, yet with far more strength. In addition to the composite material itself, LP SmartSide also includes water-resistant waxes and zinc borate so not only is it stronger, but also more durable in resisting common enemies of wood such as decay and termites.  

What Wood is Used for Siding?

The most common choices for natural wood siding are cedar or redwood. These tree species are naturally more decay-resistant, so they last longer than other types of wood. Wood is more high maintenance than engineered wood despite these two options providing longer duration than other materials. They still require paint or stain for protection which has to be reapplied every few years to protect the wood and maintain the appearance of your home. Although traditionally homeowners have always loved the look of real wood siding, it is high maintenance and very costly, especially today.

Finishes: Wood vs LP SmartSide Siding

Both types of siding are painted allowing you to customize the look of your home. However, while natural wood requires ongoing sanding and repainting to avoid peeling and wood rot, LP SmartSide engineered wood comes pre-primed or prefinished. If you go with LP SmartSide Preferred Prefinishers you also get a minimum 15-year warranty.

Termites: Wood vs LP SmartSide Siding

Of course, if you go with a wood product you always have to consider the risk of termite infestation. This issue can lead to expensive siding repairs that can lead to the need for a full replacement. While natural wood is very vulnerable to termites and other pests, LP SmartSide exterior trim and siding is termite resistant thanks to the zinc borate treatment. As a result, you don’t need to worry about pest management or costly, irreparable structural damage you risk with wood.

Cost: Wood vs LP SmartSide Siding

Of course, price is always a major concern for exterior upgrades to your home. You have to consider both the upfront costs for materials and installation, as well ongoing costs for maintenance. For materials and installation, LP SmartSide tends to be more affordable. It also wins out for maintenance costs as the warranty offers at least 15 years on the finish.  

Color: Wood vs LP SmartSide Siding

When it comes to color, you really have no choice but to paint wood to get the look you desire. Although this makes the wood highly customizable, the beauty of the colors soon requires repairs and repainting. With LP SmartSide, you have your choice between pre-primed or Preferred Prefinishers.

Prefinisher comes in a wide selection of colors from contemporary Abyss Black to modern farmhouse Snowscape White and from traditional Redwood Red to lovely Rapids Blue. You also save yourself the step of painting with LP SmartSide.

Enjoy the Look and Functionality of LP SmartSide

It’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are choosing LP SmartSide siding for their interior makeovers and siding replacements. For more information about LP SmartSide siding and trim, speak to the Smart Exteriors team today.