Why Homeowners are Choosing LP SmartSide Over Wood Siding

Siding both protects and beautifies your home. So, when it comes time to replace your siding, you want to be sure you select a material that does both. If you are partial to wood but are worried about its longevity, there is another option. LP SmartSide®. Here we compare wood to LP SmartSide siding to help you decide if it is right for you. What is LP SmartSide Siding Made Of? LP SmartSide siding is…

What Every Homeowner Should Know About LP SmartSide Siding

Fiber cement, vinyl, and wood siding are all popular options to protect your home’s exterior—but have you ever considered the benefits of engineered wood? LP SmartSide is the industry leader in engineered wood siding. Their top-rated SmartSide products offer unbeatable durability, lasting beauty, and customizable options for your Kansas City home. What Is LP SmartSide Made Of? LP SmartSide is made from engineered wood—a layered product that binds natural wood with manufactured materials to create…

Six Surprising Benefits of LP SmartSide Siding

Choosing the right siding is about more than just appearances. You want a siding that’s going to hold up to wear and tear for the long run with the minimum amount of maintenance. Of course, visual appeal is important too, especially when it comes to long-lasting beauty. When you’re looking for siding, you might be surprised at how much LP SmartSide siding has to offer. 1743