Six Surprising Benefits of LP SmartSide Siding

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Choosing the right siding is about more than just appearances. You want a siding that’s going to hold up to wear and tear for the long run with the minimum amount of maintenance. Of course, visual appeal is important too, especially when it comes to long-lasting beauty. When you’re looking for siding, you might be surprised at how much LP SmartSide siding has to offer.

1) Unbeatable Durability

How many other brands of siding can say they’ve been tested by NASA? LP SmartSide siding has proven to be more durable than competing siding materials, including fiber cement and vinyl. Whether you’re looking to protect your home from hail damage or hoping it’ll stand up against baseballs, golf balls, and even rocks, LP SmartSide siding outperforms all comers.

2) Fewer Seams

One overlooked aspect of siding is the number of seams the final product has. While most siding products come in 12-foot lengths, LP SmartSide panels come in 16-foot lengths. These longer panel sections mean it takes fewer panels to cover the same area, and fewer panels means fewer seams.

When you reduce the number of siding seams on your home, that means there are fewer places where water can seep in under your siding, potentially damaging the internal structure of your home. It also means there are less places where wind can catch your siding and rip it away from your home.

3) Resists Rot and Insects

While LP SmartSide siding is an engineered wood product, the way it’s created makes it virtually impervious to moisture and termites. Strands of wood are infused with zinc borate, which deters termites and inhibits fungal growth. Next, the strands are coated with high-grade wax and high-strength binders before being compressed into siding. This process makes LP SmartSide panels incredibly resistant to water, which is the leading cause of rot in traditional wood siding.

4) Colors to Match Your Design Aesthetic

While there are 30 standard colors for you to choose from, which is enough for most homeowners to find a color that suits their taste, your color options don’t stop there. LP SmartSide also has a custom color option, so you can mix and choose the color that will work best for you, even if it’s not in their standard palette. They also offer their Premium Collection, which can give you the appearance of natural wood.

5) Sustainability

Unlike other sidings, LP SmartSide is made from wood, a renewable resource. The manufacturer is a proud participant in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which invests in reforesting programs to ensure that wood products will continue to be a welcome, affordable, and sustainable option.

6) A Great Warranty

For more than 20 years, LP SmartSide hasn’t had a single warranty claim. But with their 5/50 warranty (100% coverage over the first five years, and a prorated rate for the next 50), the lack of claims is a testament to their quality. When a company is willing to back up its product with such a generous warranty, it’s a good sign that they believe in their product.

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