Unique Window Trends for 2021

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If you’ve been spending a lot more time at home (like most of us are these days), then you’ve probably started to notice how those old windows of yours are making your house look outdated. If you’re thinking about transforming your home, there are a few unique window trends for 2021 that can help you to achieve your renovation dreams. Whether you are looking for something practical or hoping to upgrade your look with a style that’s more fashionable or innovative, here are a couple of ideas you may want to consider for your window replacement!

Target Sustainability

If you love opening your windows to let in a fresh breeze, you are not alone! Lots of people enjoy a little fresh air in their homes from time to time, and awning windows allow you to enjoy yourself, rain or shine. Awning feature hinges at the top and are typically placed underneath your existing fixed windows. Your awning windows are a great way to improve your airflow.

Incorporate Black Frames for Style

Black frames have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. This particular look works well in a modern farmhouse, brick ranch, or contemporary-style home.

Create Indoor/Outdoor Living with Sliding Doors

If you want to open up your space and let in more natural light without undergoing a major renovation, adding sliding glass doors is an easy way to bring the outside in! They are easy to operate and maintain and can help you to save on your monthly energy bills.

Entertain with a Window Seat

Maximize your living area by adding some additional seating options in front of a window. You can quickly dress up your window seat with a few decorative pillows and create a cozy nook for reading, great conversation, and taking in the view.

Use Impact Windows for Noise Reduction

You might enjoy the hustle and bustle of city living, but when you’re ready to have some quiet time after a long day, the noise can be disruptive. Install impact windows to help absorb exterior sounds. Heavy traffic, construction, and even low flying planes all contribute to noise pollution, and impact windows can give you the peace you’ve been missing.

As an added bonus, the laminated glass will help to block up to 99% of the UV rays that would otherwise enter your home.

Install Counter Windows for Easy Entertaining

If you are staying home more often, it probably means that you’re doing a lot more entertaining with family. Add a serving pass-through by replacing your existing exterior kitchen window with one that slides open and shut. That way, you can easily serve your guests who are hanging out on the patio or deck.

Brighten Up Your Space with Colorful Trims

Add a little pizazz to your home by dressing up your window trim with a pop of color. Some of the most popular window trends for 2021 include clay, silver, dark brown, deep greens, English red, and gray.

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