What to Expect During the Siding Replacement Process

Siding replacement on a home by Smart Exteriors.

So, you’ve decided to install new siding—a valuable, worthwhile investment that will protect your home and keep it looking beautiful for decades. And now, you are beginning the process of actually getting the siding replacement completed. If you’re like many homeowners, this may be a totally new process, especially if you own a newer home—and you may be wondering what you can expect your siding team to do for you.

Here’s a quick overview of what is included when your house receives a professional siding installation.

7 Steps to Expect When You Invest in New Siding


1. Get bids 

Before your siding is replaced, you’ll ask for bids—and getting 3 to 5 is a good idea to give you a sense of your options. The process of obtaining estimates allows you to meet different contractors and find one that communicates well, has solid reviews, and is a good fit for your needs. Reputable companies typically offer free estimates, in writing, with specific details about materials and costs. Once you choose your siding team, a contract will be signed, materials will be ordered, and your installation will be scheduled.

2. Remove old siding 

On the day of installation, getting rid of the old siding happens first. If you’re wondering if new siding is placed atop old siding, the answer is no. All the siding boards, trim, and insulation underneath will be carefully detached and discarded. The installers will use a combination of tools for this purpose, such as hammers, saws, and prybars. Eliminating the old siding thoroughly ensures your new siding will give you the lasting performance you deserve.

3. Inspect your home’s structure 

Once all the old exterior materials are removed, your installation team will carefully check your exterior walls (sometimes referred to as “sheathing”) to ensure it’s in good shape. They will look for signs of wood rot and loose plywood. They do this because if issues remain unaddressed, they can damage your home further—and cause your siding not to last as long as it should.

4. Make repairs, if needed 

Any damage that is spotted during the inspection will need to be fixed so that you have a sturdy, reliable surface for attaching the replacement siding. Rotted wood will be removed and replaced. If there are signs of significant mold growth or termite infestation (hopefully not!), the team will discuss that with you so it can be addressed.

5. Put new siding in place 

As soon as repairs are completed, your new siding will be installed. (Hooray!) This process usually includes putting insulation or a house wrap in place, after which the siding boards are layered on in the design you chose. Nails or screws are used to attach the siding, while seams or gaps are filled with caulking to prevent moisture penetration. Finishing touches such as paint will be added if your siding does not already have a color baked in.

6. Perform a thorough cleanup 

Once all the siding is fully in place, the installation team will begin the process of cleaning up your property. Tools and workbenches will be removed. Your sidewalk, driveway, porch, and deck will be swept clean of debris. Powerful magnets will be run over your lawn to catch stray nails. Trash will be placed in a dumpster and/or carted away.

7. Pass a final walkthrough 

After your installation is complete, a final walkthrough is typically done to ensure everything is looking as it should. You’ll be able to ask any remaining questions you have. Final payments will be made, and your warranty will begin. In addition to material warranties from the siding company, your contractor may offer a workmanship warranty. (We sure do—because we are proud to stand behind our work!)

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